How to grow your business with Que?

Today, everyone is looking to be a part of the ever-growing technological advancements and looking for ways to pay more attention towards business growth and less time towards the menial tasks of the business. But how can Salons, Spas or any businesses of same type, grow?

With Que, you get to open the Pandora’s box towards making your work easier, seamless and highly efficient. You get the opportunity to enhance your Operational structure and open a new sales channel. With Que you are cutting your workload in half.
You are in the business of making people’s days and time spent answering the phone or responding to emails could be put to better use on your clients.

With our fully integrated online booking system, everything is done for you. When a client books online with the Que app, their appointment and client information is instantly logged into our system. Enabling online booking means that your clients can access your services and book an appointment with you at any time of the day. Clients have the freedom to book at their own pace, and with over 65% of bookings made outside of normal working hours, it has never been more important for your clients to have complete flexibility when booking. By keeping your business open 24/7, you can stay open when your doors are closed.

Now, Que is offering Free Trial for 2 months, exclusively to all new vendors.

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