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Every industry is moving toward technology in order to provide better services in the market. The beauty salon industry has seen significant shifts in customer behavior in recent years.

People prefer online services since everything can be done in just a few clicks, from booking appointments to getting beauty services at home.

Streamlining your services using an application will make management easier, whether your skill is in hair styling, makeovers, or skincare, or related to physical health. The purpose of your salon service is to lower your clients’ and stylists’ stress levels.

Registration: Users must first register or sign up for the app in order to use the beauty services. Users can then log into the app using their login credentials.

Salon Profile: The user will be able to obtain information about salon or beauty experts such as their address and service types. Users can also find out whether or not beauty professionals are certified.

Services List/Select Services: After logging in, users can access the beautician’s services list and choose a service based on the review and rating.

User Profile: A user can examine his profile and the application’s daily feeds, where he or she can like or read the feeds displayed.

View Subscription Packages: Customers are attracted to subscriptions. A user can purchase subscription packages to receive additional perks from the salon owner or beautician.

Book Appointments: A user can make an appointment by specifying a day or day on which they would like to use the services.

Payment: Integrated payment methods such as credit/debit cards and mobile wallets are available.

Rate and Review: The user can get customer reviews and ratings of a salon or beautician by using this feature.

View Booking History: Users can look at their previous and current bookings. They can also reschedule with the same beautician, expert, or salon.

New Feature!

Fashion Library: It’s difficult to figure out what a buyer really wants. You may make it simple for clients by recommending a fashion library option that allows them to choose their chosen haircut or cosmetics from a photo gallery.

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