5 Reasons why Salons and Spas in the U.A.E. need to take their business online?

With the current progress in technology, every business sector is going online. Going online saves a lot of time and brings in a unique experience for every customer. Through Que, now customers can book an appointment at any time of the day. This will help businesses thrive for higher potential.

Here are 5 reasons why salons and spas in UAE need to take their businesses online.

Make your Services available online

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Having services listed on Que, will give the clients the flexibility to book through the app at their own convenient time of the day, even if it’s past business hours. These days people are moving digital, it is much easier through Que to simply book or reschedule their appointments with a click of a button.

Cut your workload into Half

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Lifestyle & Wellness industry’s priority is the client’s appearance, which begins with either by responding through emails or phone calls. Now with Que’s fully integrated online booking system, everything comes easy for businesses like yourself. Once a client has made a booking through the App, all of their necessary details will be shared with you instantaneously. This will help businesses maintain a decent database as well. Also when an appointment is booked, any client notifications you have set up will be triggered such as reminders or rescheduling. Through Que’s Dashboard, you gain full control over your customer’s bookings.

Contactless Checkout

Contactless Checkout for Salons

With Coronavirus as the new trend, work from home and Contactless Checkout have become the new normal. With Que, businesses can eliminate the waiting time. Using Que Pay is a much simpler solution, creating a unique experience for the customers to pay via the App even before the customer steps in. In other words, the booking is only confirmed only once the customer has paid for their selected services. As soon as the customer books the appointment via App, then it takes the client to the checkout page encouraging them to do the payment online. This will be a safe and convenient experience for the customers as well. Giving your customers hassle-free shopping experience at your retail by turning their mobile phones into POS machines.

Reduces Scope of Errors

Reduce scope of errors for Salons

Each and every day millions of Dirhams of services are booked online. With our cloud database, SSL security framework, and firewalls ensures that your clients’ information and payment data are certainly secure.

When you are running a busy Salon or Spa, there are millions of things happening at the same time, there can always be room for mistakes. There are times that the staff has recorded a wrong time for a customer or wrong service or mobile number, etc. With the all new Que, the staff is no longer dependent on taking down customer information down, the client’s can now book the appointment by themselves, depending on the available slots shown on the app itself. Through the App Dashboard, you can be 100% sure that all the details provided are correct. As a business you can now be confident that their confirmations and reminders are being sent to the address. All the client’s database will be securely saved which can even help businesses with marketing plans directed to their right audience.

Smarter Approach

One of the best feature of Que is that the online bookings are fully integrated with the calendar, which can be easily managed within few clicks. You can get access to all types of insights with Que. Now you can tell where the bookings came from, which customer booked what service, details such as client information and sales will appear automatically in the system. Online booking also gives more clarity to the customers to what services they are booking. Instead of your staff up-selling other services, the customers can now browse through various services listed in front of them, giving them the liberty to choose from the list and then eventually paying it together while check-out.

Becoming a Que Partner only helps your brand become aligned with technology and make your business operations seamless. With services like Booking management systems and online payments, the Lifestyle, Beauty and Wellness industry is only expected to grow several bars higher in the U.A.E.

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