6 Most Elegant Ladies Salons in Abu Dhabi

There are so many options when it comes to Ladies Salons in Abu Dhabi

Here are some of the best picked Ladies Salons and their specialities.

We have put together 6 of our favourite salons that can fulfil your beauty and wellness needs. Whether you want to get pampered at the facility or can choose to call them over to yours. Some specialising in Skin, Hair Care and some still practicing fascinating traditional beauty routine.

These salons offer services as individual as your needs. You can also check out their services on our app.



BROWZ always raises the bar when it comes to using cutting-edge technology, innovation, and personalised approach. They take pride in providing their signature anti-aging facials, advanced skin care treatments, cosmetics, semi-permanent makeup, brow shaping, lashes, and more. Browz was established in 2016 by universally perceived inventive craftsman, Michele Barclay. Browz is located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, their assorted group of European craftsmen will extend their excellent service and hospitality along with their bespoke atmosphere.



BEDASHING started in 2008 in Abu Dhabi as Dashing nails. One-stop shop beauty experience providing the highest standard of beauty experience. Known for providing unparalleled service and techniques while providing convenience and comfort. Ever since Bedashing has transformed itself into a full beauty experience. Equipped with a special Bedashing chair and bed, they are assured to provide their customers with one-stop shop beauty experience. Their Bedashing Chair offers: hair wash, blow-dry, manicure and pedicure, facial, brow shaping, threading, and eyelash treatments simultaneously. Likewise, they’re Multi-functional Bedashing Bed allows an array of beauty treatments, performed in the privacy of treatment rooms in total comfort, the bed offers: facial, lash extensions, manicures, pedicures, full body waxing, halawa, and brow shaping. It’s the best place for a woman to relax, unwind and chill.

3. The Wave Lounge


The Wave Lounge is another high-standard Beauty Lounge. Pushing traditional beauty practices aside and embracing innovation invigoration and inspiration at every turn. The Wave Lounge has become UAE’s go-to beauty lounge. Located at Hidd Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi. If you feel lazy and want some pampering at your home, just call or whatsapp them and they will provide you with all their services at your convenience, be it a manicure, pedicure, or some beauty therapy, they definitely provide you with the finest service at the comfort of your house. The staff goes through PCR tests every week, just to make sure you are taken care of. The Wave Lounge is dedicated to delivering the ultimate client experience through personalised service and state of the art team. At The Wave Lounge, celebrate women in their authentic brilliance and recognize each one of them as their ultimate focus.

4. Tips & Toes:


Whenever you’re in Tips & Toes, they want you to feel welcome, with ease, and very inspiring. Their staffs are very well trained and talented, hailing from different backgrounds from all over the world, giving us diverse and distinct experience. Tips & Toes are the largest, most successful salon and spa chain in the Middle East. They are strategically located making them easy and accessible to all. Specialise in services like nail care, massage, hair services, semi-permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, henna, and more. Committed to delivering five-star service through their staffs that are trained in-house in their very own academies, aiming to provide you with the services of the highest standard and comfort.

5. The Muse:


The Muse is a special place where you would want to have your beauty rituals done with a hint of Arabian touch to it. The Muse is more than just a spa, it is a house of women’s knowledge blessed by the watchful Greek Goddesses of Wisdom, Art and Music. Every wall and corner of The Muse tells an Emirati story. The Muse highly values customer satisfaction, they pride themselves on helping you find new ways to express yourself, be it through your hairstyle and color or through their products. All this is performed contemporary yet cozy atmosphere unlike any other. Providing a wide range of services and being skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to the latest beauty trends.

6. Beauty Spot Salon:


Beauty Spot Salon is the best place in UAE for all your Hair, Nails and Beauty needs. Started from 2006. The Beauty Spot has been providing 5-star service, using the some of the most luxurious brands for their clients, they make sure you are completely taken care of when it comes to beauty. Their specialty is making their clients comfortable and relaxed in their friendly atmosphere. The Beauty Spot offers both classic and contemporary styles for men, women, and children. They create the right bespoke look for you, be it any occasion, such as a wedding or an event. They are proud to be an authorized and approved CND, Lycon, Great Lengths, L’Oréal, and Kérastase Salon. They love what they do and they do it best.

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