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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions by Que users

You can download Que mobile application on all Android and iOS devices.

You can view your Current Bookings,  Upcoming Bookings, and Previous Bookings through the Manage Booking section in your mobile application homepage.

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You can cancel your booking within 24 hours before the actual time of your booking. This can be done through the Manage Booking section in the homepage. 

Yes. You can book more than one reservation at a time.

No. You can either do this by canceling your existing booking and rebooking in the next branch or you can try to do it by directly calling the Que Partner and changing it at their discretion.

To gift a discount voucher to another person, you will have to raise a request issue with Que. Which will be available through the customer care page. (We will add a section for it once the app is completed).

Your discount voucher will provide a promo code which can be applied on the discount section, while checking out for processing your payment.

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FAQ for Partners

Frequently asked questions by Que Partners